How to Connect your Xbox to Windows 10 device?

The latest version app & a Windows 10 Tablet or PC is all you need for the complete course of Xbox to Windows 10 Device connection. Here’s How





Does your Xbox help you to open Windows 10?

Does your Xbox help you to open Windows 10?

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There have been times when a majority of gaming lovers won’t be able to access their Xbox gaming console with their Windows 10 pc. This is due to the reason that they are not configured the latest version of the Xbox Companion app on the Windows 10 device. In this guide, we have compiled the steps on how to connect an Xbox controller to your PC or tablet, so you can enjoy playing Xbox games on Windows. To do the same, all you need is a tablet or computer running with Windows 10 along with the latest version of the Xbox app to complete the course.

Here are the comprehensive steps to do the same.

Xbox App for Widows 10

How to connect Windows 10 to your Xbox – Detailed Steps

Any pc or tablet with Windows 10 can easily connect to the Wi-Fi system just to support the gaming console. However, you will require to download the Xbox companion app on the pc for smooth functioning. From the below-mentioned steps, you can do the same.

• On your Windows 10 device, download the Xbox Companion app and install it on the device.

• Now, open the Xbox Console Companion app and navigate to the Connection icon, located on the left side of the screen.

• In the next step, choose your Xbox and then select Connect.

• By implementing the above-guide steps, the Xbox app will connect to your Xbox gaming console automatically, as long as the device is on.

Xbox Games for Windows 10 PC

In case you are unable to find your Xbox console’s name then don’t worry, just pursue these steps.

• On the gaming console, press the Xbox button for a few seconds. This will help to open-up a guide.

• Now, select Profiles & System, which is apparently your account icon, and visit Settings.

• Then, go to System and click on the Console Info.

• If, you want to check the IP address of the Xbox then go to the Profile & system, then navigate to Settings.

• After this, choose General and then Network Settings.

• Select Advanced settings.

• Head-back to the Xbox Console Companion app on your Windows 10 computer or tablet. To do the process, select Connection and then enter Xbox IP address into the asked field. And finally to wrap up the steps, select Connect.

Check if Xbox Games are compatible with Windows 10

Step 1:

Check your device system info by visiting the Start button and type About your PC. Then choose the option About your PC to view the details including – Operating system (OS), Version, OS build, Processor, Installed RAM (memory), and System type.

Step 2:

Review the amount of free space available on your Windows 10 by selecting Start > Settings > System > Storage.

Step 3:

Check your graphic card and identify how much video memory is accessible.

Step 4:

Now, look for the Windows 10 system requirements to access the game smoothly.

• Select Start and then navigate to Store.

• Using the Search icon, enter the name of the game and scroll down the page to know its System Requirements.


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